Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ballet slipper fetish....?

Hi all,

well I%26#039;m sure to get some intersting replies.....Yes I have a fetish and enjoy leather ballet slippers around the house. I have many pairs and colors.....

I can also looked at womans painted toes all day, I just love a nice pedicured foot, and before you ask, yes I have had a pedicure and occasionally have polish applied.

Before you jump to conclusions, no I am not gay, and yes I have a wife, who doesn%26#039;t mind these are they are %26quot;harmless%26quot; as she puts it.

So what about you? What do you think, and what sort of fetishes turn your crank?

Ballet slipper fetish....?
I think women%26#039;s shoes and feet are pretty and I am a straight woman. I think your %26#039;fetish%26#039; is harmless too as long as you don%26#039;t start stalking women and stealing their shoes from them by force.

I have no fetishes. I express my oddness in other ways.

Reply:Get help.
Reply:I think if you enjoy it and your wife doesn%26#039;t mind it%26#039;s none of our business.

There is a picture of pointe shoes. Feed the fetish. LOL.
Reply:i have a foot fetish and sandal fetish this ain%26#039;t wierd at all. You don%26#039;t really know why you have these fetishes you just do and you enjoy lol on the real but yeah i love womens toes i look at my friends all class period like id lay my head down and i look from a little crack in my arm lol its great i do that so they won%26#039;t notice me looking yeahh pretty smart huh lol well yeah thats what i have but i don%26#039;t paint my nails oh h e l l naw and i could have a ballet shoe fetish i mean if they smell then hell yes only if they%26#039;re girl ballet slipers

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